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Saree: The Oldest Traditional Wear in India

One of the oldest tradition that has been followed in India right from the start is the Saree. Though there has been several changes in the pattern and styles of these sarees yet it is valued a lot right from the olden days.

                                               traditional sarees in India

Even today, many people over the world are fascinated by the traditional sarees in India. The women are excited while wearing these as they know they will look elegant in it. It is one of the most comfortable dresses and is commonly used by women as per the occasions. With the latest developments the women have been provided with a wide range of saree material which is available in different colors.

They can also drape these sarees in a unique way as per their wish and tradition. It is important to understand that each state has its unique way of draping these sarees. The wide range of colors that are available in these Sarees are noticeable. From Kancheepuram to Benarasi silk women can wear anything as they are sure to look the most beautiful girl on earth wearing them. The embroidery over it is what creates the actual magic and makes these women look stunning.

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Keep Your Traditional Saris Safe with These Tips

Are you wearing your favorite traditional saree this wedding season? Got curry marks on it? had lipstick stains on the pallu or compact makeup on it? When you are too busy in indulging into the festivities, one can often forget to keep their clothing in perfect condition. However, after the ceremony or the wedding, the real hassle of cleaning the saree and packing it up nicely becomes a part of your life. It is not an easy task to get rid of that curry stain from the embroidery work done on most of the traditional saris or protecting it from all kinds of damage during storage. However, all these given tips can actually make it easy for you to do so:
·        Wash at home: Soak the part with curry stain in luke warm water, gently rub the part to remove solids. Make a mixture of glycerin and hot water, rub it on the stain and leave for about 30 minutes. Clean with lukewarm water after 30 min. now soak the saree in detergent with enzyme and water solution. Wash it by gently rubbing until the stain goes and rinse in lukewarm water. Put it for drying in shade. Read More…

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Tips to Buy Silk Sarees Online

Silk is one of the oldest known fabrics used by humankind. Since ages, people have been using this fabric as gifts for the royals and important people in the society. Moreover, the royal family members used this fabric to décor themselves. The stories and historic facts related to silk route between china and India is a popular one. Silk comes from an insect known by the name silk worm. This worm wraps itself in a cocoon of silk fibers so that it can transform into a moth with wings. Due to the limited production of the silk, this fabric is quite expensive making it difficult for the common masses to own a decent outfit made from the fabric. Anyone can buy Traditional Silk Saree online or in local shops.

However, India is not one of the largest producers of the silk but it has a fair amount of various types of silks.  Some of the various varieties of silk available in India are:

  • Mulberry silk: it is one the majorly used silk in commercial industry for weaving the fiber. It is used mostly in weaving the traditional sarees in India. This is majorly produced in various regions of India including Tamil Nadu, west Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka. Continue Reading………………..
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Buy Sarees from Trusted Stores Only

In this extravagant season of weddings and parties, it is important to choose such outfit, which will not only make you, look gorgeous but will contribute to your style quotient as well. Various fashion stores out there are selling lots of Indian sarees in a huge range of colours and style suitable for different occasions. You can buy your favourite Saree from these Indian sarees stores in India but if you want to have, a good quality outfit then buy them only from a trusted store.



The Indian ethnic outfits for weddings and traditional occasions are quite expensive due to the heavy embroidery work on them. However, very few of the sellers provide good quality work on the fabric at the right price; others will try to sell fake outfits at a high cost. They also sell fake designer clothing at the cost of real ones. You should beware of them if you want to have a good quality outfit. The Fashion of Traditional Sarees in India is on the rise with a touch of modern style in it; hence you should buy your traditional Saree from popular sellers only.



The trusted popular sellers check their outfits several times before selling them to the customers to ensure that the Saree sold is of utmost quality. They also provide several discounts and sale option to provide best quality ethnic Indian outfit at affordable rates. If you want to have, a perfect outfit for your special day then visit the popular and trusted Indian sarees stores in India to buy one for you. 

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