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How to select Saree for Party wear?

A Party is one such occasion where every woman wants to look good. Many of us get confused about what to wear for the party and the confusion is obvious. This is because we have a wide variety of options available in our wardrobe and are unable to decide the right one for the occasion. In this article, we will discuss the various methods for selecting saree for the party.                        

The difference in technique of design in sarees

The party wear sarees are gaudy and have a lot of work embroidered over it that makes the saree look heavy. There are different styles of sarees available in the shop. Each state has its own specific design of saree, which is the reason, why different techniques are involved in designing a saree. But, among these saree you can easily find the right one for your party wear. Read more….

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What factors you keep in mind before buying designer salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is one of the most wear Indian women’s attire. It is worn by women of all ages and gaining popularity for its variations.  There is a large range of options available in salwar kameez to choose from.  Some of the most popular options include Patiala, Churidar, Anarkali, plain suit, silk suit, georgette suit, etc.  Designer salwar kameez is one of the best options, if you are looking for a unique and traditional women’s attire. There are countless  stores or suppliers available today that offers designer salwar kameez.

Buy Designer Salwar Kameez

When going to Buy Designer Salwar Kameez, you need to keep a few factors in mind in order to buy the best salwar kameez for the special occasion.


Salwar kameez is available in a wide range of fabrics.  Some of the fabrics are georgette, silk,  cotton, chicken, chiffon and much more. You can choose the fabric as per your need and desire.


Suits are available in a wide range of patterns. Some of the most popular patterns are anarkali,  Patiala, churidar, plain suit, georgette  suit and silk suit.


Suits are also available in a wide range of designs. You can choose the design that suits your taste and meet your personality as well.

When going to buy a suit, keep these factors in mind in order to buy the best outfit for any special occasion.

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Prafful Group: best destination for Lehenga Sarees Online Shopping

When it comes to buying designer sarees at the best discount rates, keep your eyes on Prafful Group. We are the foremost players in the saree industry and recognized as the leading suppliers, exporters and manufacturers of embroidered sarees, lehenga sareers, printed sarees, designer sarees, salwar kameez and various other ethnic attire.

We are a one-stop destination for designer and stylish Lehenga Sarees Online Shopping. We strive to provide users a unique shopping experience every time. Our team of creative designer and craftsmen are always come with new ideas to come with a product that helps women in making a unique style statement.

We ensure the quality of our products. We utilize the finest quality fabrics, cutting-edge tools and innovative machines in order to deliver products that worth your investment. Our online store has a very user-friendly interface, allowing users to browse through our entire range, and make shopping at a fraction of time. Place your order online. We offer safe, fast and economical shipping services at any address in the world. Providing amazing and satisfying shopping experience to every client is our utmost attention.

If you want to explore our collection of ethnic attire or want to know about our services, please log onto our website

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Keep Your Traditional Saris Safe with These Tips

Are you wearing your favorite traditional saree this wedding season? Got curry marks on it? had lipstick stains on the pallu or compact makeup on it? When you are too busy in indulging into the festivities, one can often forget to keep their clothing in perfect condition. However, after the ceremony or the wedding, the real hassle of cleaning the saree and packing it up nicely becomes a part of your life. It is not an easy task to get rid of that curry stain from the embroidery work done on most of the traditional saris or protecting it from all kinds of damage during storage. However, all these given tips can actually make it easy for you to do so:
·        Wash at home: Soak the part with curry stain in luke warm water, gently rub the part to remove solids. Make a mixture of glycerin and hot water, rub it on the stain and leave for about 30 minutes. Clean with lukewarm water after 30 min. now soak the saree in detergent with enzyme and water solution. Wash it by gently rubbing until the stain goes and rinse in lukewarm water. Put it for drying in shade. Read More…

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Get the Fashion Flair with Anarkali Suits

Long, short, cotton, net, georgette, chiffon, with dupatta, without dupatta, printed, embroidered and a lot more, anarkali suits have endless options if u begin to shop for them. Sometimes it can be so confusing that one needs a lot time to decide which one is suitable for them. They will try and try and try different available options to get the best suitable one, but what to do when you are buying them online? It is rather more confusing isn’t it?


Do not be confused or perplexed while selecting the best one from the Latest Anarkali Salwar Suits range available online. Focus on these pointers:

  • Fashion trend!

You need to focus on the fashion trend while buying the anarkali salwar kameez. Yes, anarkali suits are not going out of fashion but there are particular trends, which are more famous than others.

  •        Material!

Some of the materials are better than others, it is a known fact. You will have to decide which one is suitable to you as per the weather and your lifestyle. If you are planning to buy for daily use, cotton and georgette are the right choice; otherwise, you can pick net and chiffon as well. Make sure to buy the one in which you can be comfortable.

  •         Trusted brand!

Instead of buying random brands, try to shop for the trusted brands. All the trusted brands make sure their quality is up to the mark to keep customers happy. Buying from them will ensure good quality.

Shopping carefully helps, you to get the best brands and products so start shopping. It is not that difficult to look like a fashionista.

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Make Shopping Easy With Online Saree Store

Who in the world does not like to shop? I agree some of them are there in the world who do not like going around and buying new, stuff, but hey, we love it so everyone does, no questions asked. The fun of meeting people, friends on a shopping spree, trying out hundreds of outfits and buying the best one, getting offers discounts in store sales is just an amazing experience. If you are planning to have the best time in the world, shopping is the one thing to do.

printed saree-prafful

However when a person do not have time or not feeling like going somewhere, but needs to do shopping, sarees online store in India can come to your rescue. Since online shopping is getting so much popular anyone and everyone is trying to utilize it to their benefit. With online shopping, come a lot of benefits which are generally not available with regular shopping. You will be spending less to have more with a large number of discount options available.

You will be saving time to do two things at the same time as shopping. You will get a huge number of products therefore more options to choose from. It is not possible in the conventional shops to get hands on discounts all around the year and not even to have a large number of options of clothing and accessories. If you wish to buy latest saris, designer outfits and fashionable garments, online shopping can make it possible for you. Shop from wherever you wish to and whenever you wish.

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Be a Part of the Fashion Revolution with Ethnic Touch

Do you love to be called a fashionista in your circle? Do you want to look stunning every day whenever you go out or just be yourself in your house? Do you want to look amazing without trying hard for it?
With the current fashion trends going around, you can easily get something for yourself. The fashion world is no longer limited only to a particular section or age group. Modern Indian fashion designers are trying to make available latest designs for different class, age group and types of people. Therefore, you can pickup whichever suits you best.
Fashion is something that keeps changing with time hence it is essential to invest into something that can last for at least a couple of months and not just days. When you have a tight budget or have to survive on the pocket money, such long lasting fashion trends can keep you going for a long time. Read More…

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