How to select Saree for Party wear?

A Party is one such occasion where every woman wants to look good. Many of us get confused about what to wear for the party and the confusion is obvious. This is because we have a wide variety of options available in our wardrobe and are unable to decide the right one for the occasion. In this article, we will discuss the various methods for selecting saree for the party.                        

The difference in technique of design in sarees

The party wear sarees are gaudy and have a lot of work embroidered over it that makes the saree look heavy. There are different styles of sarees available in the shop. Each state has its own specific design of saree, which is the reason, why different techniques are involved in designing a saree. But, among these saree you can easily find the right one for your party wear. Read more….

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Availability of stores is now online

Indian saree is something every woman is ready to shop anytime and at any place. The craze of these sarees is so much not only in India but also all over the world. It is a unique blend of both traditional and contemporary designs. In fact, as soon as women see a new store, which has all new and stylish collections, then they immediately go for shopping.

Indian Sarees Stores

The problem is with women living outside India as they face a lot of problems while saree shopping. They do not find all types of collection of sarees that is in trend in India. In addition, it is tough for them to find the exquisite designs of embroidered saree at abroad.

However, these problems have also been solved. Online shopping has brought huge solutions to these women who wants to try out all the latest designer saree of India. Now they can shop these saree online and as per their wish. The online Indian Sarees Stores in India have all kinds of design and materials in saree. It is also a beneficial process for women all around the world as they can shop at any time they are free let it be early morning or midnight and can do online shopping as per their wish and comfort ability.

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Get trendy with Bollywood Suits

These days there is hardly anyone who does not admire the Salwar suits worn by celebrities in the film. Women love fashion and the trendy, fashionable Salwar suits can only be seen in movies. These celebrities inspire the women’s a lot and no women will mind wearing suit that she just saw her favorite celebrity wearing in the movie. Especially the fashion followed on a red carpet is mostly followed by women who are fashion conscious.

Occasions for wearing these suits

There are no women who dislike showing off after wearing elegant dresses, especially when they wear dresses which is a replica of the dress worn by a celebrity. In India there are several occasions where you can wear these Salwar suits. Everyone is crazy about these dresses and you are sure to get appreciations and compliments when you wear these lovely looking Salwar suits.  Read more….

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Saree: The Oldest Traditional Wear in India

One of the oldest tradition that has been followed in India right from the start is the Saree. Though there has been several changes in the pattern and styles of these sarees yet it is valued a lot right from the olden days.

                                               traditional sarees in India

Even today, many people over the world are fascinated by the traditional sarees in India. The women are excited while wearing these as they know they will look elegant in it. It is one of the most comfortable dresses and is commonly used by women as per the occasions. With the latest developments the women have been provided with a wide range of saree material which is available in different colors.

They can also drape these sarees in a unique way as per their wish and tradition. It is important to understand that each state has its unique way of draping these sarees. The wide range of colors that are available in these Sarees are noticeable. From Kancheepuram to Benarasi silk women can wear anything as they are sure to look the most beautiful girl on earth wearing them. The embroidery over it is what creates the actual magic and makes these women look stunning.

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Benarsi silk Vs Kanjeevaram silk

The silk sarees comes in a major use at marriages and several other occasions. This is because these sarees are easy to handle. One of the most complicated task while wearing a saree is to make the plates in middle. Even after making the plates, it is loosened. However, this thing never happens in Silk. It remains stiff and gives a smart look on women.


There is different type of silk sarees available in market. This includes Arani silk, Banarsi silk, kanchipuram silk, kora silk, gadwal silk, mysore silk, patola sarees, pochampally silk. These sarees are called by different names in their origin. For example in south these are called Pattu saree.

The Banarsi silk is among one of the most skilfully designed sarees. The fabric used in these sarees is of high quality and have zari work in it. These sarees are on demand as it is embellished with opulent embroidery used from the times of Mughals. It is crucial to make Pallu and attention is to be paid towards details. It takes 15 days to complete the process of making this saree. The saree is best for to be brides and costs around a lakh.

The kanjeevaram saree is naturally woven in to high quality silk and are known by its wide contrasting borders. These silks use different colour and pattern. The kanjeevaram sarees is made at kanchipuram district located in Tamilnadu. The cost of these sarees ranges between 2000 to 200000 depending on the quality of silk.

These are the most famous and highly preferred silk saree among others. So, Buy traditional silk saree for wedding occasions. It gives a sober look and have huge demand in the market.

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What factors you keep in mind before buying designer salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is one of the most wear Indian women’s attire. It is worn by women of all ages and gaining popularity for its variations.  There is a large range of options available in salwar kameez to choose from.  Some of the most popular options include Patiala, Churidar, Anarkali, plain suit, silk suit, georgette suit, etc.  Designer salwar kameez is one of the best options, if you are looking for a unique and traditional women’s attire. There are countless  stores or suppliers available today that offers designer salwar kameez.

Buy Designer Salwar Kameez

When going to Buy Designer Salwar Kameez, you need to keep a few factors in mind in order to buy the best salwar kameez for the special occasion.


Salwar kameez is available in a wide range of fabrics.  Some of the fabrics are georgette, silk,  cotton, chicken, chiffon and much more. You can choose the fabric as per your need and desire.


Suits are available in a wide range of patterns. Some of the most popular patterns are anarkali,  Patiala, churidar, plain suit, georgette  suit and silk suit.


Suits are also available in a wide range of designs. You can choose the design that suits your taste and meet your personality as well.

When going to buy a suit, keep these factors in mind in order to buy the best outfit for any special occasion.

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Visit Prafful to explore a vibrant and unique collection of designer salwar kameez

If  you are  looking for one of the best online stores to Buy Designer Salwar Kameez, then Prafful Group is one of the best places to visit. We are  an India based manufacturer,  supplier and exporter of Indian traditional women wear  and renowned for offering designer, stylish and superior quality designer sarees and suits at competitive prices.

Buy Designer Salwar Kameez

We have a large collection of designer salwar kameez, which you will hardly get anywhere else. Whether you are looking for Patiala, Anarkali, Churidar, Plain, Frock, Silk or embroidered salwar kameez, we ensure that our collection will surely meet the needs of different women.

We invite you at our website in order to explore our entire range of designer salwar  kameez and make shopping in a comfortable environment. We carry only well stitched and superior quality salwar  kameez. This enables us to ensure that you will completely satisfied with our services. We offer secure and hassle-free platform for online shopping.

Just pick a suit from our online catalog and make payment online. We will make delivery  within the given time frame and in an economical manner. Providing wonderful and satisfying shopping experience to every  client is our main goal.

To explore our whole range of  designer salwar kameez, visit our website

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